30 degree angle

30° shooting angle

Shooting at a 30 degree angle on either side of the hunter considerably reduces the risk of ricochets.

#Materialising your 30° shooting angle

As soon as you, the posted hunter, reach your hunting spot, you must first of all locate and signal yourself to your fellow hunters along the line.

Once you've located them, you need to define your 30° shooting angles. This is done by taking 5 steps towards one of your line neighbours and 3 steps perpendicular to the direction of the animals' flight path. You will have to repeat this operation on the opposite side, towards your other neighbour.

You can mark your angles in various ways: using local material such as two branches that you plant on either side of your post in the middle of the path. Or better still, by using marking stakes.

You will need to adapt this procedure depending on the lay of the land or the proximity of houses, roads, or other obstacles to shooting.

Once you set up your post, stand "belly to the woods" and wait for the signal to start the hunt - 1 long blast of the horn.

The start of the hunt has been sounded, you can now load your gun, once the barrel has been checked. It is imperative to load the gun with the barrel facing the ground and in the safety angle.

Once the hunt has started, you must not leave your post before the signal is given indicating the end of the hunt.

Each shot must be accurate and the game clearly identified. For greater safety, it is best to use high shooting positions such as watchtowers. Of course, all positions that result in a shot that does not hit the target are to be avoided.

If an animal is wounded as a result of a shot, the hunters posted there must not pursue it so as to avoid obscuring the tracks. The task of searching will fall to the bloodhounds at the end of the hunt.

Any movement of an animal that is subject to a hunting plan must be carried out once the marking system is in place.

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