Adjusting the Solognac walkie-talkie 

Need some advice for setting up the Solognac walkie-talkie? If so, you've come to the right place! Give me 5 minutes and you'll have your walkie-talkie in hand.

Adjusting the Solognac walkie-talkie

This walkie-talkie has been specially designed for hunters. All the features you don't need on the hunt have been removed and its setting has been optimised to be simple and intuitive. ~

A specific example for hunters? The hunter who wants silence in the hide will be delighted with the low intensity of the “click” when the walkie-talkie starts up. Audible enough to hear if it is on, without scaring away an animal that is not far away.

close-up of the walkie-talkie

To choose the channel among the 8 available, press the middle button then search for the correct one using the up or down arrows as required. For the sub-channel, first select whether you are using the DCS network (digital or digital) or CTCSS (analogue). To do so, you will see one of the options blinking; to change, use the arrows and select with the central button.

Finally, just choose the sub-channel (83 sub-channels available in DCS and 38 in CTCSS) and your walkie-talkie is ready!

To talk to other hunters, press the orange button on the left side of the walkie-talkie for the duration of your message. To hear the others, release this button.

Whether you use DCS or CTCSS, the walkie-talkie is compatible with all other models on the market using these frequencies.

Don't forget to adjust the volume! It is the same button as the one used to turn on the walkie-talkie, so remember to lower the sound if you want to be discreet and increase it to hear better. And to be even quieter, consider using the headset provided in the kit.

Vegetation will necessarily affect the range. In dense and hilly forests, the range will be 2 km. Of course, the clearer the surroundings, the greater the range will be: up to 10 km on an open plain.

walkie-talkie communication

A tip to optimise your battery: charge the first time for 12 to 14 hours. For the following charges, we recommend a minimum of 6 hours for the walkie-talkie to be fully recharged. The walkie-talkie includes 3 rechargeable batteries.

Remember, good communication when hunting helps keep everyone safe.