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The hut where you treat your game is just a short step from your kitchen. From a rib roast of boar to a venison fillet, check out our festive recipes and our selection of equipment for game.
What is woodcock hunting?
Hunting in the woods at the heart of a wild biotope, looking out for the slightest sign, listening to the melody of tinkling bells and the humming silence, seeing this magnificent bird take off. This is woodcock hunting...
A successful drive hunt demands careful preparations. The plans must cover the organisation of the rounds, a recap of the safety rules and the hunt terrain and the numbers and species of game that can be hunted. Our enthusiasts from Picardy in France, Marie and Alexandre, explain.
You love hunting for small games in woods and meadows, and you can't wait for the new season to open. Find out how to best prepare for the start of the small game hunting season through the experience and informed advice of our enthusiasts.
migratory game bird hunting camouflage equipment
With migration season fast approaching, are you getting ready to hunt migratory game birds? Read on for our tips on the best way to prepare for it and how to increase your chances of success.
We asked Bastien, our ambassador and specialist in hunting with setters, who currently owns a 2-year old pointer, for his advice on the subject.
Every type of game has its own characteristics in each region and may be subject to hunting plans or protective measures. For more information about your hunting rights, refer to your local authority or hunting association.
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Stalking is a hunting method that was formerly used only for controlling or observing animals. Today this ancient type of "silent" hunting has become a perfect complement to beating.