Choosing your hunting dog

Bastien advises you to ask two questions before choosing a hunting dog: what types of hunting will you do, and on which types of terrain?

Which breed of dog for which type of hunting? 

Choosing your hunting dog

Will you hunt for small game with a setter, or wander with a flushing dog?

There are about 40 breeds of setters (group 7 dogs), the most popular being the Brittany Spaniel, the German Hunting Terrier, the Setter, the Pointer, etc.

Breeds of flushing dogs and retrievers (group 8 dogs) include the Labrador, the Springer and many more.

Pointer_chien hunting

Bastien talks about his own experiences and his selection criteria: “I started off by thinking about what types of shooting I enjoy most, which are hunting for small game and for woodcocks in particular. Most importantly, I was looking for firm stance and set. So I looked into group 7, which includes setters.

Then, I considered the terrains where I go shooting, which tend to be flat, with hundreds of hectares of crop lands. So I needed a long-range dog. But which breed? a Setter, a Brittany Spaniel, a Pointer?

And it turned out that it was the Pointer that met my criteria perfectly”.