Air rifle training on private property

Air rifle training on private property

Is it possible to practice shooting with air rifles in the garden of a private property? All is revealed.

Am i allowed to shoot with air rifles on my private property?

As far as the legislation is concerned, air rifle shooting on private property is permitted. The only Act dealing with the subject is Article R.312-40 of the Internal Security Code. To make sure that you are practising air rifle shooting under the appropriate conditions, we invite you to consider the following advice. Let's face it, shooting, whether at a shooting range or at home, enables you to work on your concentration and self-control. These are notions that can be very useful in this particular period of home lockdowns.

Compressed air rifle

Which guns are allowed?

Make sure that the gun you are firing is suitable for recreational shooting at home. This includes both category C and particularly category D guns. In category C guns, rifles of over 20 joules are suitable for people with significant shooting experience. Category D, the most suitable for home use, includes air rifles under 20 joules as well as air pistols under 10 joules. Particular attention should be paid to handling rifles of more than 20 joules given their dangerous, longer range.

The location

If you are going to shoot on your own property, make sure you respect certain conditions. Install your target on a pellet collecting stand, the purpose of which is to catch the lead pellet so that it does not get lost in your garden or elsewhere. Don't forget to place the target stand in front of a large obstacle in case you miss. This could be a hillside, a wall, a metal plate, or anything else that will stop your pellet. Don't forget that pellet ricochets are sometimes unavoidable and unpredictable. We suggest you wear goggles to prevent any such risk. Also make sure that the pellet cannot get beyond your property. We recommend that you practice recreational shooting in an open, unobstructed space, etc., such as a large garden, fenced area, or walled property.



Obviously, the strictest safety rules must be imposed. If you practice air rifle shooting on your own grounds, you should be aware that you will be held liable in the event of an incident. As far as insurance is concerned, we advise you to contact your insurer, as they are not all in agreement on this subject. some offer a special option for home shooting. Even if you have an FFT shooting licence, this includes insurance that is not valid on private land (outside the FFTIR framework).

Plinking rifle shooting

Shoot with respect for your neighbourhood

Air pellet guns cause considerable noise pollution that can disturb your neighbourhood. In addition, the use of a metal pellet receiver or a metal plate increases the disturbance on impact, sometimes more than the shot itself. Hence, it is advisable to check whether the noise level of these shots and impacts remains low enough to avoid disturbing your neighbourhood. On this subject, prevention is better than cure, we advise you to read the relevant article of the Act (R. 1334-31 of the Public Health Code). In addition to being aware of the articles of the Act, we advise you to notify your neighbours before you start shooting to warn them about the noise of the guns and their recreational use.

Requirements for an optimal shooting session

In order for your shooting session to take place under the best conditions, you will need a minimum of equipment. For yourself and others, wearing glasses and a helmet will protect you from possible ricochets. Before the session, make sure there are no people in the immediate vicinity. Once the surroundings have been checked, you can start your shooting session. The use of paper or metal targets will enable you to enjoy the practice in a more or less playful way. Now that you are ready to shoot in good conditions, all you have to do now is choose the pellet best suited to your practice (plinking, paper target) and to your gun. This is perfect, we have a tip on how to choose your pellet according to your gun in the link below: