The brand


Our products are used daily, all around the world, in all weather and allow you to get close to nature.
Small game or big game hunting, in groups or alone, it takes place at the heart of the largest forest in Europe, in Gironde, in the south-west of France. It is here that we design our products based upon the feedback we receive daily from our testers and clients.


The design


Solognac is also a team of product designer, model makers, test and field engineers, all specialized on a nature of products, and user-centered practitioners. In short, passionate people ! Their mission is to design, develop and industrialize new Solognac products... in other words to guarantee that the product will meet the criteria of use, quality, durability and cost, in particular thanks to numerous stages of prototyping and testing.

Each test result is carefully studied and follows up with modifications, new prototypes that will be tested again. When the product satisfies all the tests, the technical teams launch production. Finally, when the first samples come off the production line, a whole series of tests is launched again to ensure that the requirements are maintained before being sent to the store.




Our work is based upon listening and observing our hunter-users during practice. We design shapes, textures and colours, we select the most suitable components and manufacturing procedures whilst always ensuring that we uphold industrial practicability and the best value for money, elements which typify the Decathlon brand. The promises offered by our products can be clearly seen facilitating understanding and the selection in our stores and on our website.
Designers also keep their eyes on the outside world, on societal trends, sports trends in general and on the hunting market in particular to offer creations with an ever greater strong and exclusive identity, as well as Solognac innovative and inspiring medium to long-term “vision”.



As a basis, our products provide for a complete hunting experience, before – during – and after. Now that we have explained who we are, we have decided to cover the requirements of the 7 overall users:

chasse petit gibier devant sois decathlon Solognac chasse petit gibier bois decathlon Solognac chasse au gibier d'eau Solognac decatlhon
Small game field Small game wood Waterfowl
Chasse en battue le traqueur Solognac Chasse en battue le posté Solognac chasse à l'approche Solognac Decathlon
Big game driver  Big game poster Big game spot & stalk

THe solognac conception