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Solognac : the brand


brand solognac decathlon

Our values

Since its creation in 1999, Solognac has been designing products with and for passionate hunters and sport shooters. They are used every day, all over the world, in all weathers and in all biotopes. Our teams create resistant equipments for hunting which are ethical, responsible, sporty and accessible to all.

brand solognac decathlon

Our design team

Our engineers, designers and model makers design and test our products in our worldwide design center in Gironde, in a region where all types of hunting activities are practiced. Solognac has 80 passionate employees, working in more than 20 different professions!

They make sure that the products are designed to meet the criteria of usage, quality, durability and cost, by ensuring various stages of prototyping and testing. Each laboratory or field test result is carefully studied which leads to modifications, thereafter to the new prototypes which are tested again. Only when the product passes all the tests, the technical teams launch the production.

brand solognac decathlon

Continuous improvement

In parallel to the design of new products, our design teams are working on the improvement of our equipment already on the market with the aim of facilitating and improving the practice of hunting, sport shooting and animal observation throughout the seasons. The work on the continuous improvement of our products is often ignored, but it's important because it serves our promises of safety, durability and protection of our biotopes.

How do we go about continuously improving our products?
We study the reviews given by our customers, listen to the constructive feedback they give us after having tried or used our products. This feedback allows us to rework either the design features to make them easier to use, or the components in order to increase the durability of our products and thus reduce our impact on the environment.
We pay the same attention to user feedback regardless of the price or technical nature of our equipment

Our team

brand solognac decathlon
brand solognac decathlon
brand solognac decathlon
our team

In the future

A product can deteriorate over the course of hunting trips and seasons and it is often heartbreaking that our users have leave it behind. Our equipment is a reflection of our experiences, embodying hunting memories that we would like to remember for years to come.
Repairing and keeping our equipment as long as possible is important for our users, good for our biotopes and for the sustainability of our sport.

Our teams are mobilized so that tomorrow we go further than the continuous improvement, and we do not have to throw away our used equipment, but repair them.