Everything about camouflage

How the process of concealing the human figure is achieved and to what end?

Camouflage is an essential aspect of any stalking approach, whether photographic or hunting.
Concealment and silence are the key words when attempting to get as close to the animal as possible.

Creating camouflage products, whether for hunting or photography, has a single objective: to favour the encounter between man and wild animal in their natural environment.

To meet this objective, concealment and silence are the two main criteria our designers take into account when developing products that are increasingly technical and adapted to your needs as a hunter.



Definition:Camouflage is a means of concealment.It enables a visible body or object to go unnoticed, by blending in with its surroundings.Examples include the stripes of a tiger, the fatigues of a modern soldier, and a butterfly with the appearance of a leaf.

For Solognac camouflage, this is the very principle on which we seek to recreate the natural process of concealment by distorting the human silhouette.

The creation process

In order to achieve an efficient camouflage, distorting the contours of the human body, we wanted to introduce depth into our realistic camouflage by creating several different planes. 

Once the patterns were created, we adapted them to the various biotopes by selecting only certain elements or by changing the colours.

This technical and effective "Furtiv" camouflage design is inspired by nature. we picked out elements that accentuate the effect of depth and disruption of the human silhouette through complex geometry, working on a play of light and shadow that creates an impression of transparency. The colours chosen ensure it is extremely versatile in relation to the biotope and the season.

This brown camouflage with autumnal colours is perfect for stalking in late summer. It is also suitable for hide hunting pigeons and game birds.

Ideal for summer hunting as soon as the stalking season opens. The green colour enables blending in with the dense vegetation.

Ideal for driven hunting, in the gun post. This camouflage allows you to remain visible to the other hunters while being concealed from the animals.



In order to make the garments silent while providing resistance and protection against the elements, the selection of components is extremely strict.
The components we selected satisfy three criteria that we defined as essential:

1- Noiselessness

2- Waterproof and breathable 

3- Durable.

For added silence, the outer mesh of the SilentHunt fabric is brushed, i.e. it is soft to produce as little sound as possible.

For waterproofing and breathability, a fabric layer is bonded to the inside of the fabric.

The design

In order to further reduce the noise emitted by the clothing, the product design is of great importance.

The design helps to bring the product closer to the body thus enhancing the sportiness of the garment. By removing material from the areas of friction, we avoid all the rubbing that can make noise audible to animals.

Trousers are tightened at the ankles to reduce friction.

Adjustable waist and pre-shaped knees for more flexibility.

Reduced volume in the arms to reduce rubbing.


Marine darras

Solognac Dialogue Manager