In the event of a car accident, a dog does not always have a suitable safety belt. A sudden impact or braking action could result in your dog being thrown into the windscreen or onto another occupant of the vehicle. Placing it in a carrier during the trip ensures its safety as well as that of the other passengers. The impact of a possible shock is thus minimised. Moreover, if the vehicle stops and the door is opened, the dog will not be able to run away.
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transporting your dog by car


This safety aspect falls under certain legislation Here are the two main legislative texts:
Article R.412-1 of the Traffic Regulations states that "every driver or passenger in a motor vehicle must wear an approved seat belt".The dog, as such, is also considered a passenger.It is therefore compulsory to fasten it with at least one specially adapted safety belt.Indeed, in the event of sudden braking, the dog, like any other passenger, can be thrown forward.Not only can it be injured, it can also injure the other passengers in the vehicle.This is why attaching the dog is essential.

Another article of the Traffic Regulations to be taken into account concerning the transport of a dog in a car is Article R.412-6, which specifies that the driver's field of vision must not be obstructed by other passengers or objects.A dog let loose in the passenger compartment of a vehicle is therefore against the law as it is likely to hinder the driver and prevent safe manoeuvring.


There are different types of transport carriers: rigid or foldable.
If you are looking for a lightweight carrier that doesn't take up space, you will have no trouble deciding on the foldable carrier. These carriers made of fabric are easy to store and do not take up too much space. Please note that these carriers are not approved for air transport.

folding dog carrier
dog carrier

The second type is the rigid carrier. Precisely thanks to their rigidity, they provide greater security. As you can imagine, they take up more space because they cannot be folded. On these carriers you will find a convenient storage compartment for accessories such as collars and leashes, for example. As they are heavier, they can be fitted with wheels to make them easier to manoeuvre. Some of these carriers are approved for air travel, depending on the locking system. At Solognac, you will find the dog carrier that is thus approved for air travel.

For cleaning, no problem, both types of carriers can be easily cleaned with a hose for example.


The carriers are available in a range of sizes to suit as many breeds of dog as possible. A little tip: the dog must be able to stand up, turn around and lie down again with ease to ensure that the carrier is the right size. A dog needs to be comfortable so that it does not become anxious during transport. So it's really the size and shape of the dog that will play a role, rather than the dog's breed or age.


The size of the carrier can be adapted to the number AND size of the dogs. The dogs can be separated by a removable partition. If you want to separate your dogs, there is only one type of rigid carrier with this option.  


Some carriers have an opening either on the side or on the front. For example, in some vehicles with relatively low cut boots, such as sedans, it may be difficult to open or close the door. In a coupé boot, a side door will be easier to use.

carrier for dogs
Aluminium carrier for dogs

The carrier made of aluminium

Discover also the foldable aluminium carrier in our range. A perfect combination of the folding and the rigid carrier. Strong and compact, it weighs only 12.4kg. You will find various accessories supplied with this carrier: pouches, mats, padlocks...