How to choose a hunting cartridge?

The main pledge of our cartridge range is consistency. Our cartridges are produced in the factories of the 2 leading European manufacturers. 60 million cartridges are produced each year, checked at all stages of the production process, and tested by us. Here are some explanations to help you make the right choice depending on your particular discipline.

The distance

Although it is difficult to anticipate exactly how far you will have to shoot, the Solognac range is designed to correspond to 4 average shooting distances suitable for different types of hunting. These are listed in the product name S, M, L, and XL.

Fibre wadding, skirted wadding, or cross wadding?

The type of wad will directly influence the dispersion of the pellets when shooting.

For example, a fibre wad will produce a wide, more effective spray, provided the shot is fired at close range. The cross wadding has the effect of increasing the dispersion even more. However, some hunters prefer the fibre wad because of the danger of a too large spray, especially with regard to dogs if they are too close to the game.

Conversely, a skirted wad will concentrate the spray more and the pellets will travel a greater distance.

What biotope?

Thick vegetated environment: As may be the case for woodcock hunting, you will experience limited visibility. This will often lead you to make close shots on the fly. You will therefore need a wide dispersion.

Lowlands: Conversely, in open areas, your field of view will be more extensive. You will therefore have more time to adjust your aim. However, shots will often be taken at longer distances, so skirted wads will be more suitable.

In the vicinity of a water source: as lead is banned near watering holes due to its toxicity, you will need cartridges made from a high pressure steel substitute, such as the XL 35 Steel hunting cartridge. for use only in proven 76mm steel ball shotguns.