How to choose a rifle or gun case

Beyond the legal aspect, it's absolutely essential to have the right kit for ensuring safe storage and transport for your hunting gun. Not sure whether to go for a case or a cover? Let us clear things up for you.

How to choose a rifle or gun case

1 / Your gun: a hunting shotgun or a rifle.

The first criterion is of course the type of gun you have.
You’ll have to adapt your choice based on whether you have a hunting shotgun or a rifle. This will particularly influence the points we’ll look at later, namely: the size, the protection level, and the carrying comfort associated with your sport.

If you’re looking for a case for a shotgun, whether it can be dismantled or not will also affect your kit choice, as the sizing will be different.

If it’s for a rifle, you’re probably also using a sight. Make sure that you have a storage spot specially for it.

How to choose a rifle or gun case
How to choose a rifle or gun case

2 / The dimensions of your gun.

As you start researching, you’ll find a huge range of cases and covers. This is an essential criterion as your cover or case must be appropriately sized to ensure that it securely holds your gun.

Check the dimensions: not just of your gun, but also the dimensions provided for the kit you’re look at, and double-check whether they’re internal or external dimensions.

The length of the cover or case is important, and so is the width, particularly when you also have a sight, like we mentioned before.

3 / The gun protection level.

Of course, the thicker your cover, the more protective foam there’ll be, and the more protected your gun will be from impacts, particularly during transport.

Think about how you use and transport your gun, and the type of gun, to identify whether you need a basic cover, a cover with high-density protective foam, or if you need a rigid case.

How to choose a rifle or gun case
How to choose a rifle or gun case

4 / The bonuses associated with your use.

If you need or want, some covers are designed with accessory elements.

You’ll find covers fitted with an external pocket. Others will have straps to allow you to easily add accessories to carry.

If you want to double up on protection for your hunting shotgun or rifle, you can also get a gun bag. This way, whether your gun is in a cover or case, and whether it's in your secure cabinet, your gun will be protected. Please note that we advise using a bag in addition to your cover, and not instead of it.

To increase security, you can double-check the zip on your cover. If the fastening is a double zip which can be padlocked, you can get a padlock to guarantee fully secure fastening.

Carrying comfort can be considered when making your choice. Depending on your hunting style, you might have to do a lot of walking. In this case, you’ll need to be comfortable when carrying it, which can be increased with foam padding on the carry strap, or a double strap, like a backpack. An adjustable strap improves comfort as it can be fitted to your body shape.

5 / Safety reminder.

We’ve make no compromises when it comes to safety, so please remember that you must comply with Article 5 of the Ministerial Decree of 1st August 1986 pertaining to various hunting protocols [...] "No hunting gun may be transported in a vehicle if it is not secured in a cover or dismantled; under all circumstances, the gun must not be loaded.
No hunting bow may be transported in a vehicle if its string has not been removed or if it is not secured in a cover."

During transport, a gun must be dismantled and identifiable and must not be loaded, per se: for example, with a trigger guard or an empty chamber indicator.