How to choose a security cabinet to store your guns?

What does French legislation have to say about storing guns and ammunition? Find out, along with our advice, in this section.

How to choose a security cabinet to store your guns?

You own one or more guns and you want to keep them safe? If so, you've come to the right place. The choice of a cabinet depends on several criteria: quantity of guns, budget, level of security, and size of the guns. We explain it all to you!

What the law stipulates

French law has several legislative texts on storing firearms according to their category, here are the main ones:

For category C guns, it is mandatory to store them either according to Article R.314-4:
- in suitable safes or security cabinets
- by dismantling a part of the gun making it unusable
- inside vaults with an armoured door and openings protected by bars
- by using a rack with a metal cable running through all the catches and fixed to the wall.

For category A and B guns, they must be kept either according to Article R.314-3:
- in safes or security cabinets
- inside vaults with an armoured door and openings protected by bars.
Note that for category A and B guns, the use of a rack or the dismantling of a functional part of the gun is not a legal storage solution in France.

For ammunition, it must be stored in accordance with Articles R.314-4 and R.314-3:
- category C: ammunition must be kept separate from the gun, under lock and key
- Category A and B: the rules are the same as for the storage of the same category A and B guns. Moreover, it is forbidden to store them in the same place as the corresponding guns.

In detail, the European standard even requires that the safety device be fixed to the floor or to a wall, with two attachment points on the same side.To be noted:this standard is approved by insurance companies.Therefore, to benefit from "burglary insurance" and to be covered in case of theft, you must secure your cabinet correctly.

The security levels applying to security cabinets

Not standardised: no resistance guaranteed, no tests.
EN 14450 S1: The European SECURITY CABINET standard guarantees a certain level of resistance to burglary and enables the contents of the cabinet to be insured for €1,500.
EN 14450 S2: Same as S1 but with a higher insurable value of €3,000.
EN 1143-1: STRONG BOX STANDARD that guarantees a very good resistance to burglary as well as a much higher insurable amount. (Ranging from €8,000 to €300,000).

How to choose a security cabinet to store your guns?

You should know that at Decathlon, all the security cabinets we offer are at least EN 14450-S1 certified. This defines the requirements, classification, and test methods for burglary resistance for domestic safes.
This standard guarantees that the security cabinet has been tested and approved (steel, structure, lock, pull-out, etc.) to ensure the slowing down of break-in attempts with limited tools.
Our cabinets use locks made in Germany, where our products are also tested and certified by a European reference laboratory (VdS). The latter is one of the most stringent certification bodies in Europe. Using a series of break-in tests, the laboratory audits, approves and certifies that a security cabinet conforms to European Standard EN 14450-S1. This certifying body is recognised at European level (alongside A2P for example) by insurance companies.

How do you determine which cabinet best suits your needs?

1. Count the number of guns to be stored in the cabinet. Determine the size of the cabinet as follows: 1 rifle or carbine without optics = 1 gun, 1 carbine with optics = 1.5 guns. Thus, using this rule of thumb you will be able to determine the size of your security cabinet. Example: I have 4 shotguns and 2 rifles with optics; this makes 4 + 2x1.5 = 7 guns. Thus, any cabinet with a capacity greater than or equal to 7 guns will be able to accommodate your material.

2. Determine the length of the longest gun. If you have a length:
Less than 124 cm: you will be able to choose from the entire product range
greater than 124 cm: the cabinet you choose must not contain an interior safe. Our Solognac models are equipped with a removable shelf. This enables the cabinet to accommodate a gun length of up to 145 cm.

How to choose a security cabinet to store your guns?


In order to comply with French legislation concerning the storage of ammunition, it is forbidden to keep ammunition in the same compartment as the gun. Considering that ammunition must be stored under lock and key, you have two choices:
- in a safe inside a cabinet, if the cabinet is equipped with one
- in a metal box or safe

How to choose a security cabinet to store your guns?

Now that you have all the information you need, you just have to make your choice!