Two criteria are important when choosing your fleece: firstly, the outside temperature, and secondly, your type of activity.

Climatic conditions

A fleece is made to protect against the cold, although it offers little or no protection against the rain.
In this case, the climatic conditions to be taken into account are above all the temperature in which you will be doing the activity. The colder the temperature, the thicker the fleece should be. In the case of our Solognac range, a 900 fleece will be more efficient at keeping you warm than a 100 fleece.
Some fleeces, such as the "double-sided" ones, have the advantage of being windproof. As you probably know, the wind will make you feel even colder: it is better to be properly protected against it!

Finally, the use of the fleece as an outer layer or under a jacket also influences your choice. If you want to wear a fleece under your jacket, it is best to choose a thinner one. This will enable you to stay warm enough and to have optimal freedom of movement. You can also go for a sleeveless fleece.

How to choose your hunting fleece

Type of activity: camouflage or fluorescent orange fleece?

As with most of your hunting clothes, the type of hunting you do will determine your choice, mainly in terms of colour or pattern. Indeed, each type of practice has its own specificities. Thus for hunting:

How to choose your hunting fleece

On stalking: a camouflage pattern is needed to stay as inconspicuous as possible.
When on a driven shooting: you need a fluorescent orange fleece to remain visible to your hunting companions.
For small game or outdoor activities: you can choose a solid or camouflage fleece according to your own taste;

Fleece is an essential part of your outfit. It is light and warm thanks to its insulating properties. It is also extremely quiet. To make it easier to put on, most fleeces have a front zipper enabling them to be slipped on like a jacket.

Eco-designed fleeces

For Solognac one of our main objectives is to minimise our environmental impact. This is why our 100, 500, and 900 fleeces are made from recycled polyester. This polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles. In addition to possessing a durable product, you are also choosing an environmentally friendly one, so don't hesitate!