When choosing a hunting jacket, there are 4 important criteria to take into account: the type of hunting being practiced adapted to the specific biotopes, the weather conditions, the need for mimetism and silence, or the need to be seen by other hunters.


Adjust the resistance level of your jacket according to your surroundings. The need for resistance for lowland hunting is minimal, whereas it will be very important for hunting in the woods, in brambles and thorns...

How to choose your hunting jacket

The weather conditions

Temperature: Which jacket should you choose when you want to retain the most heat?

You will need to adapt the number of layers of clothing to the outside temperature.
The weather will guide your choice of a jacket. Choose a light, breathable jacket for sunny days at the beginning of the season. If the day is windy and chilly, choose a softshell jacket with an inner membrane. For the cooler days of late summer and early autumn, you can opt for a fleece or light jackets that are more or less thick.

How to choose your hunting jacket

Rain: from hunting coats to waterproof jackets.

Depending on the intensity of the rain, choose a water-repellent, impervious, or even waterproof jacket. A water-repellent jacket will protect you from a light shower. An impermeable jacket will protect you from rain and a waterproof jacket will protect you from heavy rain. A waterproof jacket has a membrane or coating. The seams are sealed and special zips prevent water intrusion. 

The outside temperature is significantly different between September and February. We offer jackets that provide protection from the cold down to a temperature of -20°C. The thickness of the wadding and the lining will help you decide which is the warmest. You can also opt for a 3-in-1 jacket that is suitable for many different situations. The removable jacket can be worn in cool weather, the jacket alone in wet weather, and a combination of both in cold or very cold weather. Lightweight waterproof jackets are suitable for rain if the weather permits.

Caution! The more waterproof a jacket is, the less breathable it will be. Sometimes it is possible to be dry on the outside and wet on the inside due to perspiration. In this case, you need to find something in-between.
Finally, don't forget the hood! Some jackets are now available with removable hoods that enable you to adapt to any weather and enjoy all your hunting expeditions.

Other conditions

MIMETISM REQUIREMENTS: which camouflage jacket to choose?

Mimetism can be translated into two requirements: the need to blend into your environment using camouflage and the need to be as silent as possible.

You’ll find various camouflage patterns in the Solognac offering, from more basic, military-style variations to more progressive patterns, such as the Furtiv pattern. You’ll also find realistic camouflage jackets depicting vegetation elements. 

If you hunt large game with stalking, from a hide or hut, you’ll need to be as silent as possible. We recommend you choose a jacket with a fabric that produces a minimum of noise. Soft-touch, fleece, or wool fabrics are the most suitable.

How to choose your hunting jacket

VISIBILITY: We opt for a fluorescent orange jacket or not.

The beater must be highly visible to all participants in the driven shoot. We recommend jackets with large fluorescent panels such as our supertrack range.
The lookout should be highly visible to fellow hunters yet invisible to the animals, as they do not have the same vision as humans and do not perceive colours, yet a shape that is different from what they are used to in the wild may attract their attention. The hunter will therefore have to alter his silhouette, so choose a jacket with a fluorescent camouflage pattern.

How to choose your hunting jacket

Since October 2020, it is compulsory in France to wear a fluorescent jacket or vest for all big game hunts. 

Even if it is not compulsory everywhere for small game hunting, we carry various two-tone jackets and vests combining green or brown with fluorescent. This will enable you to be spotted by other wildlife enthusiasts. 

All our fluorescent jackets for hunting are considered as personal protective equipment (PPE). They are certified by an independent body as complying with the European Regulation 2016/425, according to the French standard NF S74 567 - Clothing for visualisation adapted for hunting.


Your jacket must be in keeping with the intensity of your effort: during more or less active hunts, the jacket must enable you to evacuate perspiration. There are several solutions for this: jackets with side zip, jackets with ventilation slots on the back, and jackets with removable sleeves.

AVAILABILITY OF POCKETS: have a well-equipped coat.

Your small accessories and hunting papers are indispensable during your hunt. So for practical purposes, don't forget to carry them. These range from the simple zipped pockets, to pockets with tubes for cartridges, and even the game bag pocket.

How to choose your hunting jacket

Now that you have all the information you need, you just have to make your choice!