Depending on the season and the vegetation wherever you’re hunting, you’ll need to opt for certain materials, boosted with various protection options: reinforcements, collars or hoods. We’ll help you find the best jumper for your sport.

hunting jumper

The choice of jumper will depend on weather conditions and your requirements in terms of reinforcement and protection. In this article, you can discover the criteria which will determine your choice of hunting jumper.

THE SEASON / THE TEMPERATURE: from fleeces to sweatshirts.

The thermal insulation needed will depend on the external temperature. For example, lightweight materials such as polyester will be more appropriate for milder weather. In colder weather, warm woollen clothing is essential to ensure optimal thermal comfort and correct body temperature regulation.

How to choose your hunting jumper

THE STRENGTH: you should opt for a reinforced jumper

The jumper is an item of clothing subject to various points of friction. There’s vegetation, first of all, but also friction with the various accessories that you’ll be carrying with you. The details on the shoulders are designed to limit friction between your gun strap and your jumper. The details on the elbows allow for your jumper to be protected from daily constraints applied to it, and these reinforcements will hence prolong its lifespan. The resistance requirement will obviously depend on your hunting styles.

Our engineers are working hard every day to improve these jumpers through both materials and through the locations of the reinforced details. Plus, let’s not lie to ourselves, the details add a stylish touch to the product ;).

THE COMFORT: essential accessories

There are also other options for comfort, with a hood or collar which will optimise heat loss regulation. These two accessories will also protect you from more aggressive vegetation should you decide to venture into places which are harder to access.

For this, hooded sweatshirts will be ideal for protecting your head from the code, whilst keeping you stylish. As you can probably tell, here at Solognac, we’re big on style. Comfort is also ensured through quick access to your accessories, so the inclusion of a pocket makes hunting easier, when the jumper is worn as an outer layer.

Seeing as choices of style and colour ways are unique to each individual, we have a wide range of styles and camouflage prints.

How to choose your hunting jumper

To keep yourself protected from the cold, it is best to wear 3 layers: jumpers can be worn as a 2nd layer, underneath a waterproof jacket, or as an outer layer.