How to choose your shooting stick

As a hunter, one of our obsessions revolves around being accurate.

The shooting stick is the accessory that really makes all the difference in terms of the stability it provides and the precision it enables.

selection criteria for a shooting stick

You have the animal in the crosshairs. That's all well and good, but it's not in the right position, so you wait. As we all know, you can wait for long minutes. Arms tense, breathless, heart pounding, adrenaline pumping. When you pull the trigger, you can't be too distracted by the emotions involved. 

The shooting stick is the accessory that makes the difference thanks to the stability it provides and the precision it enables. 

Another advantage? Guarantee the shooting by having the necessary support for your gun, thus leaving you the possibility to prepare your aim and maintain it for several (long) minutes.

So now you're decided, which stick should you choose?

The bipod shooting stick

The first step towards stability. Handle this shooting stick with ease thanks to its grip. Ensure your shots up to 100 meters.

It will not hinder your approach due to its light weight of 750 grams and its silence provided by its noise absorbing pads.

decathlon bipod shooting stick solognac
decathlon tripod shooting stick solognac

The tripod shooting stick

Of course, when you hear tripod, you think stability. And who says stability means longer distance shooting. Up to 150 metres, all you have to think about is where to shoot. 

The adjustable feet adapt to your size and position at the moment of truth. 

The rotating head enables you to follow the animal while maintaining your position. If you have to move quickly, the noise absorbing pads ensure silence during the manipulation. Its 985 grams are not going to deter you. 

Photo enthusiasts, this shooting stick can be adapted to your camera or telescope.

The 4 stable stick

Its advantages? There are 2 support points for the rifle, making it even more stable. You can achieve accuracy up to 200m!

This stick is lightweight and compact, making it comfortable to carry during the hours of stalking. A quick grip is necessary to ensure good deployment dexterity when shooting. It will always ensure your success.

4 stable shooting stick

Now you know the advantages of each shooting stick. All you have to do now is choose and we wish you the best of luck!