Your choice of equipment must allow you to adapt to the weather conditions and the variations in the intensity of your effort. While remaining stealthy at all times.


We recommend an outfit built of layers that can be adapted to your changing needs in the course of the same day. 
In addition, stalking demands extreme stealth in order to surprise the game. Silence is crucial and your camouflage must blend into your surroundings in all seasons and be adapted to your style of hunting. 

Thanks to an outfit built of layers, you will be able to cope with any unexpected situations.

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Complete your hunting outfit

Don't forget the various accessories that will complete your camouflaged outfit: gloves, caps and scarves. If your hands and head are not covered, they are highly visible to big game and can make your stalking sortie end in failure. These accessories can be completed with a bag and suitable shoes. Now you are ready to go stalking! 

How to choose your stalking outfit.

Now you know all the secrets of a good outfit for stalking. Ready to go stalking?