How to get into bushcraft

How to get into bushcraft

Are you interested in bushcraft, itching to embark on your first adventure but don't know where to start? We will tell you all you need to know right here.

How to get into bushcraft

1/ The simplest of experiences, a perfect place to start

The first experience we are going to suggest is the easiest and most accessible.
It involves spending an hour or two in the great outdoors, making the most of the peace and quiet to disconnect and relax.
You could sling your hammock between two trees in the shade and take a nap, read or listen to the sounds of the forest.

If the location and the rules in force allow it, you could collect some dry wood and light a fire (a lighter and a firelighter cube will do the trick at first). You can then heat some water to make yourself a cup of tea or, better yet, a pine needle infusion. This is what bushcraft is all about. Enjoying nature, as simply as possible.

bushcraft camp fire

2/ A more immersive and enjoyable second experience

If you liked your first experience, or if you want to jump straight to the next step, this time you could take a meal with you to cook over a fire. Once again, make sure you have the necessary permission and take sufficient precautions (clear the ground and the surrounding area, dig lightly, surround the fire with stones if possible, do not make large flames, and have water handy just in case).

A cast iron frying pan, saucepan or pot, and you will be ready to recreate classic dishes with a bushcraft twist. Cooking over a fire is not only for searing meats and vegetables, you can also braise food in a recipient with a lid or boil water. Let your imagination run wild! You just need suitable recipients to use on a fire!

A true bushcraft classic is naan bread. A little flour, water and a splash of olive oil are all you need to make this flatbread, cooked on a hot stone by the fire.

How to get into bushcraft

3/ The all-encompassing third experience

For the more adventurous, the most rewarding experience is sleeping in the woods. Set up your hammock and tarp and fall asleep under the stars, listening to the sounds of the forest. It's like being in another world!

As you have seen, there are plenty of different ways to give bushcraft a go and immerse yourself in the wild, step by step, keeping within your comfort zone, and getting more and more enjoyment out of it. This will allow you to acquire the ancient skills specific to the practice of bushcraft: choosing a place to sleep, finding dry wood, lighting a fire, cooking on the fire, etc.

There is only one rule to follow: leave no trace of your visit. This means spreading out any ashes, hiding where you had your fire, leaving behind no marks on trees or any structures you may have built, and most importantly no litter.

So, what are you waiting for?!