How to safely transport your hunting dog?

During your daily trips, when you go on holiday or when you go hunting, your dogs must be transported with care and safely. Should it be attached in the car? Do you have to use a carrier? How to best transport my dog? From legislation and transport options to the behaviour of dogs, here's our advice to make the transport of your companion go as smoothly as possible.

Safely transporting your hunting dog


There is no law that explicitly obliges you to attach your dog in a car. However, article R412-6 of the Highway Code relating to vehicle control stipulates that "drivers must keep themselves constantly in a condition and in a position to carry out conveniently and without delay all the manoeuvres incumbent on them. Their possibilities of movement and field of vision must not be reduced by the number or position of passengers, by objects or by the affixing of non-transparent objects on the windows".

In short, a dog moving freely in the car can be a distraction for the driver. A law enforcement officer can therefore issue you a ticket if your dog is not properly seated in the cabin.

Transport of Hunting Dogs
safely transporting your hunting dog

# 2 Get your dog used to transport by car

It is obvious that for your dog, transport in a car is not a natural thing and some apprehension may exist in some individuals, making transport difficult. In the car, a dog undergoes acceleration, braking, turns.
However, many of them love cars and see it as access to walks, to new adventures and above all on hunting trips. However, stress and anxiety are often the cause of problems in the car, and can result in minor inconveniences such as tremors, excessive saliva or even vomiting.

To remedy this, we advise you to get your dog used to the car from the earliest age.
To start with, you can make short trips and gradually increase the distances. Also try to get your dog into the car to take him or her to pleasant places (forests, parks, etc.). If they only get in the car for a visit to the vet, they will quickly make the connection and it may turn into a difficult moment. So, as in many situations, think about your companion's "pleasure" and you will quickly observe that your dog will want to spend more time in the car, which will make things easier and allow you to consider long journeys in peace.


a) The foldable
carrier.It makes it easy to transport a dog in the car. Foldable, light and sturdy, your pet will enjoy a comfortable and safe space when travelling. It comes in several sizes to suit many dog breeds.
Foldable and unfoldable in a matter of seconds, this dog crate is ideal for short car journeys. Less cumbersome than a rigid carrier, it can also function as a kennel. A very good solution for occasional transport.

b) The rigid carrier.
It allows you to transport your dog (s) safely. Available in several sizes and configurations, it is suitable for most races and adapts depending on the model to many vehicles. Some models are designed for cars with trunks, others are more designed for hatchbacks. These rigid carriers are also designed for transporting your companion by plane and display in this case the IATA standard.

Whether you choose one or the other may depend on how often you use it, whether you are travelling by plane and your preferences.

safely transporting your hunting dog
Safely transporting your hunting dog

Note that for a 100% safe trip, for you and for your animal, we advise you to make the dog travel in the trunk of the vehicle: this is the place in the car that is the safest and most suitable for transporting a dog in a vehicle.

Caution! Remember that you should never leave a dog alone in a car, even for a short time.
Remember that the temperature in a car can quickly rise, even if the temperature outside does not seem that high to you.

#4 A new carrier from solognac

We know you want the best for your loyal companions and for several years we have been working on a new dog carrier. Our idea: a carrier with the compactness of a foldable box plus the safety and sturdiness of a rigid crate. The result? Our new aluminium 900 folding carrier for 1 dog.
Our engineers, designers and product managers worked for months, more than 3 years to be precise, on a new aluminium carrier, that is practical and sturdy.

A sturdy dog carrier: the Solognac 900 aluminium folding carrier is hand-made, each aluminium tube is welded. The rivets are made of stainless steel. The crate undergoes a 48-hour salt spray test (in a chamber saturated with air loaded with highly corrosive salt). If necessary, it can spend a few days in the rain without any problem.

A practical dog carrier: our aluminium 900 dog carrier folds so you can transport your dog (s) in complete safety and comfort. When folded, it takes up very little space in your trunk. The folding or unfolding operation takes 15 seconds. The same at home: when not in use, the fact that it folds saves significant space in your storage locker. The cylinder-mounted door is double-leaf, which is a plus depending on the size of your trunk.
Inside the carrier there is a mat, which is used to protect the underbody of your car when the dogs enter and leave the trunk. The bottom of the carrier is grooved to evacuate liquids. There is nothing is more unpleasant for a dog, especially when it comes back from hunting and the ground is wet, than to be soggy. With this carrier, the water drains under the mat and your dog stays dry during transport.
If in addition we tell you that the new Solognac aluminium 900 folding carrier is delivered with a 100 mat in size L for the comfort of your dog as well as with two large removable pockets that you can position at will on the top of the carrier and which can contain, for example, on one side, accessories for hunting (training collar, bells, leashes, whistle) and on the other, products such as tick pliers, brushes, combs and shampoo, we feel we are offering you an innovation with many advantages to transport your companion in optimum conditions.

Safely transporting your hunting dog