Deal with an emergency thanks to a first-aid kit for dogs

While hunting, out for a walk, or at home, our companions can get injured and only a swift response with the right accessories will allow you to provide initial care before taking them to a vet.

Take care of your dog immediately if they are injured during a hunt

First-aid kit for dogs: how did we come up with it?

Our team is made up of men and women who are passionate about hunting and the country sports world. Most of them carry out many hunting trips throughout the year. Furthermore, several meetings with dog owners allowed us to find out that several handlers, particularly of hounds, have home-made first-aid kits that they have developed following accidents their dogs have had on the hunting ground. We therefore got in touch with a large number of these handlers in order to develop a first-aid kit for dogs that is practical, functional, and suitable for a wide range of emergency situations. They listed their needs and habits, and we set out our design brief.

Our aim with the model that has just come out for the 2021-2022 season is to allow you to provide the initial care to your four-legged companion, protect them, disinfect a wound and keep it clean, and quickly sew them up if they have open wounds before taking them to the vet.

The first-aid kit for dogs has arrived at Solognac

Why is a first-aid kit for dogs necessary?

Our faithful helpers aren't stingy when it comes to making us happy: they give their all when in action on the hunting ground. But unfortunate encounters or situations can often lead to cuts and bleeding. Your dogs may also be bitten by insects, have ticks or encounter situations where a first-aid kit made especially for them is essential.

Our kit is designed to rapidly deal with several first-aid situations for dogs. In this respect, it should allow you, if necessary, to transport your dog(s) to the vet in the best possible conditions. We have also included accessories to allow you to look after your dog in everyday life, with, for example, tick removers or tweezers, which can be used to remove thorns from their paw or to remove a sting after being stung by an insect. On this point, as you’re surely aware, to remove a tick it is recommended that you slide the hook of the tick remover under the mite before removing it while rotating.


WHAT do our first-aid kits for dogs contain?

To make it easy to carry on the hunting ground, this kit only measures 20 cm by 15 cm. You can therefore slip it into your rear game pocket if you have a jacket featuring such a compartment or strap it to your waist using the two loops at the rear. Its contents, which should be used under the user's responsibility, should allow you to provide the initial care to your injured dog(s) before taking them to an animal health professional. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you note the phone numbers of your vet and of the nearest veterinary poison centre on a piece of paper and slip it inside the kit.

Our team wanted to offer a useful and comprehensive first-aid kit for dogs. It contains all the products and accessories necessary for first aid, including: 1 stapler, 1 pair of scissors, 1 sewing needle, 2 pairs of gloves, 3 saline pipettes, 4 alcohol wipes, 11 compresses of various sizes, 1 waste bag, 1 staple remover, 1 survival blanket, 2 tick removers, 1 rib-tab strap, 2 bandages (8cm x 4m), 1 plaster, 1 pair of tweezers, 8 clips.

With this model, we wanted to provide products in sufficient quantities to provide first aid to dogs, while ensuring that the contents could be easily carried on the hunting ground. The orange colour of our kit will allow you to find it quickly and to differentiate it from the other bags in your possession. Obviously, we hope that you won't have to use this accessory often, but it is possible to restock or renew used products at your convenience.

Finally, having a kit dedicated to first aid for your dog(s) allows you to quickly take action in all situations where your companion requires urgent care and to take care of your faithful helpers.

Does Solognac also have a range of dog care products?

The answer is yes! This year, we have worked on a whole range of products for dogs. You will find shampoo, combs, scissors, and even insect-repellent products on our website:
As indicated in the introduction dogs are hunters in their own right and we want to work on improving their comfort and health. It’s a way for us to help you to enjoy the best moments with your companion.

The inside of the Solognac first-aid kit for dogs