The ideal equipment for woodcock hunters

The ideal equipment for woodcock hunters

Depending on the weather conditions, the biotope, the time of year, as well as the regulations in certain regions, it is necessary to adopt specific equipment when it comes to woodcock hunting. In this article, we will focus on the Solognac clothing dedicated to this hunting discipline.

Woodcock hunting is an activity that involves considerable amounts of walking, on average between 12 and 15 km per hunt, sometimes more. It is done in an often dense environment of thick intertwined branches, brambles, and thorny bushes. Nevertheless, one does not hunt this woodland beauty in Brittany as one does in the Landes, in the Provençal maquis, or on the steep slopes of the Alps. Hunters, their dogs, and their ways of tackling the landscape vary from one environment to another, but all adepts of Scolopax Rusticola (scientific name of the woodcock) share one, common need: the need for clothing that stands up against vegetation and isolated areas, as well as to tangles of branches that make clearing paths difficult.

The ideal equipment for woodcock hunters

Woodcock equipment during dry weather

The first woodcock generally arrive within our territory at the beginning of October. At this time of year, it is not unusual for the weather to be mild. You can therefore opt for a relatively light and durable hunting jacket with fluorescent orange panels. (See our 500 neon/brown renfort model, featuring multiple pockets, a game bag, and two side water bottle pockets). Underneath, opt for the brown 900 renfort pullover. This is the best compromise between breathability and durability. In mid-autumn, a water-repellent softshell jacket can also be a good choice.

For trousers, opt for a light, comfortable pair with good protection against brambles, reinforced at the thighs and back. Our three inverness renfort 300 models, the two-tone 520 trousers or the new 900 hard-wearing and breathable trousers, are ideal references to cover these needs. Still, you may prefer to wear chaps: inverness 300, supertrack 300, or chaps 900, which will meet your expectations?

The ideal equipment for woodcock hunters

Woodcock equipment during wet weather

When winter sets in, conditions deteriorate: cold, rain, and wind are all part of the numerous woodcock hunting trips undertaken by woodcock enthusiasts. In addition to a pair of rubber boots to protect your feet from moisture (see the models we mentioned above, as well as the new warm 900 renfort), we recommend equipping yourself with a waterproof, resistant, and breathable outfit, if possible with ventilation zips to evacuate perspiration or let fresh air circulate.

In short, our 900 renfort outfit is the ideal solution. Both the trousers and the jacket are hard-wearing: reinforcements are placed on the most exposed areas of the arms, forearms, lower part of the jacket, as well as on the front of the legs. This means you can scramble through brambles without fear of returning to the car with scratched legs. 
Both the jacket and the trousers are equipped with 2 mechanical vents to allow good ventilation during your effort. 
In order to be able to pursue woodcock in complete safety, we developed this year a neon version of the 900 jacket with some improvements: removable hood and increased mechanical ventilation.

The ideal equipment for woodcock hunters

About the footwear

When you must walk behind the dogs hunting woodcock, you have two possibilities: shoes or boots. The idea is to have a pair that will allow you to walk an average of twelve kilometres, on steep terrain, often crossed by streams, without hurting your feet and while being perfectly protected.

For footwear, we recommend the Crosshunt 500, a lightweight, durable, and waterproof model. These shoes also combine quality components in the areas that are most stressed. For this type of hunting, involving a lot of walking, we recommend the use of breathable socks on the top of the foot. They have a very good ankle support, heel and toe reinforcement for maximum durability. You can also opt for the 520 renfort shoes. They are a little stiffer, and their grip will allow you to advance in rugged biotopes. 

Finally, if you prefer boots, go for our two new models: the 900 renfort or the 920 renfort with adjustable gusset. Our engineers and designers designed them with a double layer of rubber on the most exposed areas. Reinforced, they are very comfortable with a removable sole ensuring excellent comfort. They offer good foot support and exceptional cushioning thanks to the polyurethane insole that absorbs shocks when walking. In addition, our exclusive rubber formula ensures long-lasting durability, while the outsole and specially designed 5mm studs provide grip.

Now you know a bit more about the appropriate equipment to hunt woodcock under the best possible conditions. Don't hesitate to share your experiences and outings on our facebook group Solognac - Woodcock hunting. Have a good season to one and all.