Water fowl hunting: the art of camouflage

Water fowl hunting: the art of camouflage

Ducks, geese, and shorebirds are very skittish birds. They have a wider optical spectrum than humans, including ultraviolet light. It is therefore essential when hunting to camouflage yourself, therefore use products designed to allow you to blend in with your surroundings. With these specific constraints in mind, we set about creating an exclusive camouflage pattern for waterfowl hunting. What exactly is it for?

camouflage for waterfowl hunting

Camouflage when hunting waterfowl, the art of blending in with the surrounding vegetation:

Camouflage is a method of concealment enabling a person or an object to go unnoticed by blending into its surroundings.

Camouflage colouration is the most common form of concealment. It is found in almost all animals. Indeed, being of a colour similar to its environment for example, is the easiest way for an animal to hide from predators.

Camouflage blurs the lines of the human silhouette by blending into the surrounding vegetation. It is most important for pass hunting, although it can be used for those times when you would be out in the open at the hut, hide, or blind. It is also essential for the time of the installation and during any intervention on the marsh for example.

Solognac camouflage reed pattern

Solognac introduces its new camouflage designed for waterfowl hunting.

Our design teams sought to go one step further by designing an exclusive pattern that could adapt to all types of vegetation that a waterfowl hunter might encounter.

We designed a 3D pattern on two scales of planes. A background designed to blur the human silhouette through a play of contrasts between light and dark colours, and a foreground suggestive of vegetation without representing any particular type. This pattern is designed to adapt to its environment and to the evolution of biotopes throughout the course of the hunting season. It works particularly well in the grass, reeds, and rushes.

water fowl hunting

Camouflage designed and tested by waterfowl hunters

The new camouflage design was based on a process of graphic experimentation with numerous trials and back and forth between digital design tools and textile printing tests that were then validated in the field by hunters. The feedback from the latter, regular waterfowl hunters, was analysed and processed as the camouflage was being created.

A word of advice from Augustin, our product manager: "as far as the equipment is concerned, remember to camouflage your body all the way to the extremities, including your head and hands".

Enjoy the behind-the-scenes video of the design of our camouflage pattern. Then join us on our Facebook page "Solognac - Waterfowl Hunting"