Woodcock hunter's equipment

What is the essential equipment for woodcock hunting? Christophe, our woodcock hunting enthusiast, tells us all about the necessary equipment, depending on the biotope, the weather and the season.


Woodcock hunting involves a lot of walking, sometimes in hostile environments, made up of dense, entangled branches, brambles or thorny bushes. When the going gets tough, I recommend the use of clothing that is light, strong and, if necessary, waterproof.

Woodcock hunter's equipment

In dry weather

I recommend a breathable, long-sleeved T-shirt, plus a fleece and a lightweight and tough hunting gilet. Choose one that is comfortable to wear and practical, with enough pockets (zipped pockets, interior pockets and a game bag for your scolopax rusticola).

I also recommend reinforced trousers that are light and comfortable, with good protection against brambles on the thighs and the rear of the thighs.

hunting gilet
footwear hunting breathable dry weather

For your footwear, I recommend something light (less than 500g), comfortable and tough, with split leather reinforcements on the most exposed parts. You need a pair suited to taking a comfortable 10-km walk on rough terrain that is often crossed by watercourses, without hurting your feet.

And never forget that choosing the right socks is just as important as choosing the right shoes. For this type of hunting, which involves walking long distances, I recommend socks offering firm support thanks to their elastic straps, that are breathable in hot weather, or contain at least 30% of wool for cold weather.

When hunting on spongy terrain crossed by watercourses, I recommend a pair of rubber boots to protect your feet against the damp. Choose a pair of sturdy boots, with a firm grip and a soft cushion. Natural rubber boots are usually more comfortable and pleasant to wear than synthetic boots.

Between seasons, I recommend an outfit that is waterproof, light, breathable, comfortable and sturdy. You should choose clothing with reinforcing inserts, ventilation zips to wick away perspiration and polyamide for greater strength.

In the event of showers, rather than continual rain, I always opt for garments with a detachable hood that I can remove and replace with comfortable headgear that does not catch on the surrounding vegetation.

solognac waterproof clothing for hunting in woods

If the weather is more threatening than wet, you can also wear a rainproof jacket that is light and compact, and that can easily be stowed in a detachable game bag when you don't need it.

As far as your ammunition is concerned, prefer specific cartridges for hunting in undergrowth that allows you to shoot at short or even very short ranges (less than 20m), with a lightweight and small lead shot.

Thanks to Christophe for co-writing this article: 

Woodcock hunter's equipment